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From Buyers To Renters

I am Burt MacDonald. We are slowly turning into a country of renters as more and more millennials feel that they prefer renting, which requires much less commitment than owning a home. I have completely embraced this lifestyle as well. I never feel like I can live in a city for very long. It doesn't take long to see most of the things you'd want to see in a given city. So I have decided to create a blog where I will cover various aspects of real estate, from both a owner's and renter's perspective, to help anyone I can.


From Buyers To Renters

  • Understanding The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Signing Over A Home To A Child

    16 June 2017

    If your aging parent is currently living in their own home and wants to give the home to you after their death, then your mother or father may choose to sign the deed over to you before they pass away. This is a common thing and is often a tactic to avoid the entire probate process. While there are some benefits to this, there may be some drawbacks as well. Keep reading so you can help your parent understand whether the deed should be signed over or if the estate and home should go through probate after they have passed away.